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At the age of 24 Amanda Kouri’s life changed forever. She lived a relatively healthy and happy life up to this point, despite being inaccurately diagnosed with asthma and few years of never ending bronchitis and pneumonia. But after a particularly difficult summer dealing with recurring illness and a hazy sense of unease, she she went to a City MD, near her office. Assuming it was simply complications with pneumonia she was shocked to be rushed to NYU Langone for serious testing. After a baffling 4 days, she was diagnosed with a large Carcinoid Tumor in her right lung. The only viable treatment was a pneumonectomy or full removal of her lung.

Since her diagnosis and surgery Amanda has worked with multiple organizations to help raise Lung Cancer Awareness. She is the author of the blog “The One Lung Diary” in which covers many topics which touch her life, her heart, and her one remaining lung – nicknamed Betsy. Amanda and Betsy hope to live in a world where no one dies of Lung Cancer, and they work every day educating others, raising money, and supporting her fellow survivors to see that dream come true.

Amanda has delivered motivational and inspirational speeches at numerous health conferences, fairs, and survivor events since her diagnosis. She also appeared in the National Commercial for the Lungevity foundation which aired on loop in New York City’s Times Square in 2018.

She is the youngest recipient ever of the Face of Hope award from the Lungevity Foundation, and at 28 years old one of the youngest Carcinoid Tumor survivors.